The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy - Like An Angry Woman (HIGHEST QUALITY ON YOUTUBE!) D-102:19

The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy - Like An Angry Woman (HIGHEST QUALITY ON YOUTUBE!) D-1

Angry Woman (alternatively called "Like an Angry Woman") is A Song From the Episode Fear And Loathing In Endsville. It is sung by voice actor, Jim Cummings in the style of a western folk song.


Through miles of sand, bleached white dirt
They shambled on 'till their ankles hurt
The buzzards sailed high overhead
Ridin' on currents of thick hot dread
And the sun burnt their hearts like an angry woman
It scorched their souls like an angry woman
Ohhhh like an angry woman
And then out of the west, through a breeze of luck
18 wheels on a big black truck
An angel of mercy, but was wrapped in steel
With an un-washed man stickin' up behind the wheel
And the road stretched on like an angry woman
And the cab smelled like french fries like an angry woman
Pe-yeu, an angry woman
What's that smell
The sun dropped low down in the sky
Like a pair of pants on an urban guy
Their stomachs cried out with a rumblin' roar
'Till they just burnt near couldn't walk no more
They tried to eat a cactus like an angry woman
And scorpions chased them down like an angry woman
An angry woman
He drove fast
He drove far
He busted them dunes in his big ol' car
The buzzards fled at the sight of him
The sight of the one that they call Grim
They went over the speed limit like an angry woman
They caused property damage like an angry woman
Oh man, just like an angry womaaaaaan

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