This is where BillyHaroldGladys and Milkshakes live. Most of the time BillyMandy and Grim can usaually be found in Billy's House. If they don't go to school or go on an adventure.The house is beside Mandy's House and near a small junk yard. Most of backgrounds and scene Billy's house is very near to a Nuclear Plant, behind his house. It includes bedrooms, kitchen, dinning room, and living room, attic, and bathrooms.

Billy's Room


Billy's room

This is where Billy and Grim (sometimes) sleep. Billy's bed is a dog head designed bed. His room contains lots of toys, posters and clothes. besisde the door is a cabinet where he put his clothes, top of the cabinet is smiling stufftoy. Beside the window, theres another cabinet where he put things such as pen and books. At the top of the cabinet is his pet hamster (Mr. Snuggles)'s critter trail. Beside his bed is another cabinet a horizontal cabinet, on the top theres a TV and an alarm clock and a lamp near Billy's bed. Theres a near bathroom in Billy's room.

Living Room

Livingroom billyhouse

living room

This usually the place where Grim, Billy and Mandy play and watch TV here, if they are not on Mandy's House. Harold is also seen here if he is not on his garage or working. Billy usually plays video games using his console here, if Mandy don't like Billy's games, she'll destroy his game then play her own game. Sometimes Billy, Mandy , Grim, and Irwin (not all the time) is seen here wtching TV or passing time. If the kids go to school, Grim would be alone watching TV. Usually you would see Milkshakes roaming around the living room. At one of the shorts, Billy shares his room to Mandy, but later redesign by Mandy.

Kitchen,Dinning room

Kitchen billyhouse

Kitchen and Dinning room

The Kitchen and Dinning is connected to one room and besides the living room. Sometimes Billy would copy the chefs that he watch on TV or copy a cooking video game character, but ended up ruining the whole kitchen with food spill. Grim would sometimes eat breakfast with Billy's family or Billy only in the morning, then Mandy would come by and play with him.

Harold and Gladys' Room


Harold and Gladys' Room

Not much is shown, only some episode appears. This is the master bedroom of the house. The room is besides Billy's room. Unlike Billy's room, the room is very clean and tidy. On the middle of the room is the master bed, were Harold and Gladys sleep. Two cabinets and two table lamp. Some portrait and pictures hang on wall, the most noticeable one is on the top of the bed.


Garage billyhouse


The Garage is not connected to the house, you must exit the house just to go in, there is a back door there in case if its locked. The garage is filled with power tools and boxes. Most of the time, Harold wouldn't let Billy touch the power tools, scared of what might happen if he use it. Sometimes the thing that Grim use to sharpen his scythe is there, although most of the time its in the basement



Grim's trunk of unlimited super natural powers

Since Grim moved to Billy's house, he must bought something there. His trunk of super natural powers is located here. In some of the episodes, Grim would put keep out sign, locks and a chair, just to stop Billy from going down touching his trunk. Grim would sometimes sharp his scythe here. There are a lot of broken stuff down there.




The bathroom is possibly located near Billy's room on the second floor. this place only appears in a few episodes. It is shown in one episode that Grim takes shower in the morning daily. The Bathroom contains a bathtub with shower. The floor is like mostly carpet texture, not tiles texture.

Other appearance

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

Billy's houseff

Billy's House in FusionFall

In the game FusionFall, Billy's house is redesign to a more complicated and complete design than it was in the cartoon, they designed the house to be an advanced house, the fence a holographic projected, lights are between the house. There's not so many changes to Billy's house than Mandy's house. They change the position of the house, In the cartoon, the house should be facing a horizontal line and should be line up with Mandy's house, but in Fusionfall Mandy's house is on the other side of the street and Billy's house is facing a vertical line. The garage is missing a backdoor.

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion

The game also features a map of Endsville, Billy's house looks very the same at the game, there are no big changes except for the position of the fence.


  • Billy's house was redesigned and preposition many times in the show.
  • In Billy's room you would notice that he has a Robot Jones figure.
  • In CN City era, you would see Billy's house is very far from the Nuclear Plant
  • The kitchen probably has two tables one with wooden chair and the other one near to the window