Candy soldiers
The Candy Monsters are Mindy and Mr. Bun Bun's minions in Underfist: Halloween Bash.

Main Candy Monsters

They are various monsters that are made of candy. Normal variations include:

  • Chocolate Troopers
  • Peanut Butter cup ninjas
  • Candy skeletons
  • A giant chocolate bar with lollipop arms

Trick or Treater Eaters

Trick or treater eaters
Trick or Treater Eaters are mutated Candy Monsters that have grown in size and strength using Mindy's magic. They have glowing eyes, and candy-corn teeth, and much bulkier arms.

Giant Pumpkin-Headed Monster

Giant chocolate monster
The Giant Pumpkin-Headed Monster was created when Mindy fused several chocolate troopers into one monster, who then used a pumpkin tank as a head.


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