The Carrion Beetles (voiced by John Kassir) are giant alien beetles on Mars looking like cross between rhinocerous beetles and stag beetles. Morg sends Irwin and Mandy into a pit and a small Carrion Beetle came out of his cave and responded with "I eat flesh." Irwin screamed and the beetle also screamed and ran back to his cave. However, another gigantic Carrion Beetle (possibly its father) appeared and Admiral Wolverine Lightning Bolt spotted the giant beetle about to eat his friends. Irwin said "How come I always get eaten?" as the beetle eats Irwin and goes after Mandy. Admiral jumped between the two and defends Mandy. Later Mandy and Admiral Wolverine Lightning Bolt control the giant beetle and eats the zombie martians and the two "bugged" out and the martians turned the beetle upside down and they presumably killed it. Irwin showed up at the end of the episode and Mandy asked how did he escape the beetle, after he swallowed him. Irwin said "Don't think hard about it." The Carrion Beetle's current wearabouts are unknown.

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