The Chicken Ball

The Chicken Ball is a powerful and ancient relic from the Ping Pong Dynasty made from enchanted chicken meat and other body parts molded into a ball. The sacred Chicken Ball when consumed grants the eater their "greatest desire" or to be precise, tremendous power and martial arts skill. It also has the side-effect of making the eater's hair gold and spiky with orange tips and it also causes them to lose interest in material things and have only a desire to fight strong opponents. This object was acquired by Eris under the guise of Kuan Ti and she later gave it to Mandy so she could use it to win the kid's karate tournament and cause chaos and destruction. The Chicken Ball's only appearance was in Chicken Ball Z.


  • The Chicken Ball is based on the Dragon Balls, powerful artifacts from the Dragon Ball franchise that can grant any wish.
  • The hair change the Chicken Ball causes is based on the "super sayian" transformations from the Dragon Ball franchise as well.
  • Grim's Scythe can grant the same powers as the Chicken Ball.
  • The Chicken Ball may be full of MSG (sodium glutamate).

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