Residence Underworld
Occupation Underworld makeover artist
Real world information

Crabina is one of Grim's old friends. She is an Underworld fashionista, coach and make-up artist, who once helped Grim from being a total nerd to what he is today.


Crabina appears in My Fair Mandy. Grim needs her help preparing Mandy for the Little Miss Scurvy Pageant. In spite of Mandy's objections, Crabina does a very good job (although nobody wins the pageant).


Crabina has a very distinctive fashion sense, not helped by her considerable amount of plastic surgery (which needs incessant nipping and tucking). She is however very insightful, and a good friend. She travels around in her steel outhouse, carried in the stomach of a giant duck.

"The old Mandy you knew is dead!"


"That's her? I mistook her for an angry tree stump!"

"It's always in style!"

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