cragera in touble

Cragera is a giant monster from Japan who saves children and people from monsters. He is a parody of Gamera. He has been seen in Season 6, Episode 4: Giant Billy and Mandy All-Out Attack. He is able to fly by using jet-like boosters in his spiked shell. He has light green skin, purple polka dots on his legs, a dark green shell with gray spikes, and has 2 small green horns on his head and has a turtle snout.

Grim has met Cragera before and Cragera is one of Grim's friends. Cragera has battled 2 giant monsters such as the Grape Ape and a Giant Silk Worm. Cragera has an arch enemy known as Kittyra (a parody of King Ghidorah).

Grim turned Billy into Astro Billy to fight Kittyra with Cragera although they were losing until Mandy arrives inside Mecha Gorillasaur (who is presumably a parody of Mecha Kong.) She beats up Kittyra to the point of where it explodes, then procedes to teach Billy a lesson for disobeying her orders. Cragera told Billy that he was on his own and leaves. Mandy beats up Billy and at a point in the off-screen battle, Billy exclaims that he gets his playpus fractured.


  • Even though Cragera is a parody of Gamera, the giant Japanese turtle has made a short appearance in Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure in Monster Island.
  • He resembles Slash from the teenage mutant Ninja turtles


  • Giant Billy And Mandy All-Out Attack

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