Curtis is one of the guards from The Wrath of the Spider Queen. Velma Green told Curtis and Kalgoron that she wanted to sample her cake with Grim's head on it. Curtis fights over Kalgoron that he wanted to do it. Kalgoron said it was his honor. Curtis lets go of the cart and is knocks out Kalgoron and Curtis takes the cake. Mandy gets Grim's head and Mindy gets the cake and splats it on Curtis' face.

Later, Jeff came and told Velma that he doesn't need anyone and Curtis claps. Curtis ties a bib with a skull and cross bone on Velma and Kalgoron puts Grim's head on the cart. Curtis and Kalgoron plugs Grim's eyes and conect the plugs on the TV and they get electrocuted. Curtis turns on the TV to see Grim's memories. Velma takes Grim to eat his skull. Kalgoron fights Curtis and Mindy had an idea. She told Kalgoron that she "dranked" a gallon of sparkling water and she needed to use the bathroom. Kalgoron told Curtis that he will not free her.

Mandy asked that Kalgoron would he really clean up human pee. Kalgoron than realases Mindy and Mandy and Mandy grabs the knife and throws it at Curtis' head which causes his hair to get stuck on a web wall. After the battle was over Curtis and Kalgoron were eventually tied and gagged on spiders and sent back to The Spider Planet.