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The Dinobonoids are a group of fictional action figures which Billy likes. They are seen in Fiend is Like Friend Without the "R" and Toys Will Be Toys. It's a parody of Dinosaurcers, or Extreme Dinosaurs.


  • Professor Gaylord - a normal human who is the leader of the Dinobonoids. He has five fingers on each hand instead of four like other cartoon characters like Billy. His hair is brown, he wears a metal glove on one hand, wear robot goggles and wears robot antenae, wears a shirt with the word "LOVE" on it, and wears boots and pants. Voiced by Quinton Flynn.
  • Tex - a mechanical Tyrannosaurus rex. He has turqouise skin, wears robot glasses, has sharp blades on the side of his head, has a metal body, scaly skin with legs and tail, and wears transformers boots. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Lazlo - a floating mechanical Stegosaurus in a floating space ship. He has purple skin with a spike tail with plates on his back and he is in a floating robot tank. Voiced by Frank Welker.
  • It is unknown if theirs other Dinobonoid members. It could be possible that they could be other male and female humans and other mechanical dinosaurs somewhere in Billy's house.
  • Billy's costume as a green Hypsilophodon.


The Dinobonoids intro

The Dinobonoids intro