Evil Con Carne
EvilConecaren Titlecard
Started July 11, 2003
Ended October 22, 2004
Episodes 13
Seasons 2

Evil Con Carne is an American animated series created by Maxwell Atoms, which first appeared on Cartoon Network during the show Grim & Evil and later became a separate program in 2003, running for one season and ended in 2004.

The main characters (Hector Con Carne, Boskov, Major Dr. Ghastly, General Skarr, and Cod Commando) have made cameo appearances on fellow Grim & Evil segment program (now defunct as well) The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


Evil Con Carne first began as a segment of Grim & Evil on August 24, 2001 and ended October 18, 2002.

However the show seperated for Grim & Evil and formed it own show seperate from Grim & Evil (and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) on July 11, 2003, it made two two seasons before been canceled on October 22, 2004. 

On April 13, 2012, this series returned to Cartoon Network in re-runs on the revived block, "Cartoon Planet".


Hector Con Carne

Hector Con Carne was a megalomaniacal millionaire with a handsome and muscular fabio-esque body who tried to take over the world, however when choosing the right mad scientist to build a doomsday machine for him he happened to pick his disguised arch enemy Cod Commando, who then blew him up. The other mad scientist he interviewed, Major Dr. Ghastly, put his two remaining functioning organs, his brain and stomach, in containment capsules that were later installed on the body of a purple circus bear named Boskov.


Boskov is ex-circus bear of Russia. Now he is Hector's body of replacement. Despite his brawn, Boskov is not really dangerous because of his stupidity and gluttony. Hector usually always controlls him.

Major Dr. Ghastly

Major Dr. Ghastly is Hector's beautiful mad savant. She saved Hector's brain and stomach, and assemble on Boskov. She is in love with Hector Con Carne, even before his body was blown up. In the future, Ghastly and Hector marry and have a son, Destructicus Con Carne (looked like Hector before the accident) who is a hero.

General Skarr

General Skarr works for Hector Con Carne, however Skarr normally trys to over throw Hector as Skarr wishes he was the leader of Evil Con Carne and the world, because he believes he is a better ruler than Hector.

Cod Commando

Cod Commando is the arch enemy of Hector Con Carne. He is a fish that works as a secret agent of S.P.O.R.K. and is also the one who blew up Hector's original body.


  • The "Con Carne" of the title is Spanish/Italian for "With cow Meat", as well as a pun on the expression "evil incarnate" and the dish "Chili con carne".
  • The series wasn't supposed to end after two seasons, Atoms actually had more plans in mind for the series. However, he felt it too difficult to juggle two shows at once, so he decided to cancel either Billy & Mandy or Evil Con Carne. The former ended up winning. 

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