Evil Con Carne is a villanous group. Its members are General Skarr, Major Dr. Ghastly, Hector Con Carne, and Boskov. Their plans were usually foiled by Commando Cod and SPORK. Evil Con Carne was disbanded when an entertainment company bought Bunny's Island (the base of Evil Con Carne) and didn't want competition on world domination. Skarr moved to Endsville after that. In Company Halt, the Evil Con Carne members formed the evil organization again. As usual, their plan failed. Skarr later joined Underfist in Underfist: Halloween Bash. He was responsible for the defeat of Mr. Bun Bun.


  • Skarr: A bald man with one eye and a lightning-shaped scar on his eye that is missing. In Underfist, he gains a mustache and a goatee.
  • Major Dr. Ghastly: A red-headed woman with goggles. She is in love with Hector Con Carne.
  • Hector Con Carne: A jillionare playboy who was blown up and had his body parts scattered all over the world. His brain and stomach are attached to Boskov.
  • Boskov: A purple circus bear, with a stomach in his head in a jar that says things to him.


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