Future Mandy
Future mandy
Future Mandy with Mandy
Classification Human
Gender Female
Age 30+
Residence A pink colored house near the Left Hand of Horror
Relatives Future Irwin (Husband)
Occupation House keeper
Real world information
Appears in Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure

Future Mandy is the adult form of Mandy in Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure. She is absolutely opposite of Mandy. Luckily for Mandy, this was merely an illusion depicting her worst fears created by the Left Hand of Horror. Her greatest fears is to grow like this plump woman, becoming optimistic and getting married to a nerdy man.

Physical Appearance

The Future Mandy wears Red Spectaculars, a ribbon, Pink Gown, Black heels and is a fat woman.


Future Mandy is extremely cheerful and kind, and speaks of "doom and gloom" as something she outgrew. Future Mandy is in "love" with Future Irwin, in an interracial relationship. When her past self comes inside her house, Future Irwin and Future Mandy "kiss" with each other; seeing this, Mandy cried and shouted in horror because she hated Irwin, and ran out of the house in terror.

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