Goodbling And The Hip-Hop-Opotamus
Goodbing And The Hip-Hop-Opotamus
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Season 6
Production code 620
Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere July 10, 2006
Paired with Hurter Monkey
Chronological information
Hurter Monkey
Goodbling And The Hip-Hop-Opotamus is the 20th episode from season 6 of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


  • Story by: James Silverman and Alex Almaguer
  • Storyboard by: Alex Almaguer
  • Directed by: Juli Hashiguchi & Eddy Houchins & Russell Calabrese


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Principal Goodvibes after getting hit by Grim`s schyte attack

On Endsville Elementary Craft Fair and Carnival, Principal Goodvibes was giving a speech, Mindy comes and asks why is he so boring? He gave a bunch of things to say he was cool but Mindy slept till then because of the boredom. Billy and Mandy made a game where they had to hit the target to dunk Grim in a water with eels named Dunk De Reapa. When Irwin was not able to dunk Grim, Tanya came and dunked him again and again which made him angry and he decided to destroy the ball but hit Principal Goodvibes and a hippoputamus and turned them into a Hip Hop Dancer, the hippoputamus was named H2O. Grim told them that the magic can only be reversed when he is challenged by a greater Hip Hop Dancer. He turned the school upside down by cancelling all classes and making classes to make kids learn Hip Hop, wearing a metal was compulsory and everyone was challenging each other. Grim went to complain about it but they made fun of his mom making him cry. In canteen Irwin was showing his Hip Hop dance where he mistakenly call H2O a cow. This made Principal Goodvibes to make fun of his mom when Tanya came and challenged Principal Goodvibes and she won making everything normal.


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  • Goodbling's first freestyle rap contains the lyrics "Yo, microphone check one two what is this" the first lyrics from the classic A Tribe Called Quest song "Buggin' Out."
  • Irwin in one scene wears an outfit resembling MC Hammer and at one point dancing (in the style of him) to a sound a like version of his signature song "U Can't Touch This."
  • Some merchandise of The Powerpuff Girls can be seen alongside Goodvibes's "not boring" lifestyle.