Grims Trunk
Grim's Trunk, which contains all of Grim's objects, most of which are Supernatural, is a recurring plot device in the series. Many episodes plots revolve around something Billy dug out of Grim's trunk despite being told not to.


It's appearance varies by episode. In some episodes it is normal looking, but with a glowing aura or green. In others it is covered in skulls and various symbols.

In Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians, it's revealed that there is a large portal on the inside, explaining the large number of contents.

Notable Contents

Object Episode
Spider Egg The Crawling Niceness
Evil Powder Brown Evil
Voodoo dolls of Billy and Mandy Brown Evil
Fancy Jake Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians
Phone of Cthulu Prank Call of Cthulu
Merlins Underwear Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians
Holy Grail Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians
Monster Manual Volume 1


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