Grim In Love
Grim In Love
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Season 1
Production code 105
Writer Gord Zajac
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 5A
Cartoon Network US Premiere July 11, 2003
Paired with Crushed
Love is Evol Spelled Backwards
Chronological information
Tween Wolf
Grim In Love is the first segment of the fifth episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


When Billy, Mandy and Grim go to the beach, Grim falls in love with a gothic woman named Malaria. Grim and Malaria have fun dating, but Mandy points out that it will change once Grim tells Malaria that he's not human and is actually the Grim Reaper. In the following date, Grim demonstrates his supernatural powers while dancing and, as predicted, Malaria leaves in panic.


  • Story by: Gord Zajac
  • Storyboard by: Brett Varon
  • Directed by: John McIntyre, Robert Alvarez


  • This episode and the two other pair episodes that aired the same time as this, are all considered as Valentine's Day specials.
  • Malaria is named after an infectious disease transmitted to people by a female infected mosquito.
  • Malaria and Grim went to a 'Hard Rot Cafe, which is a spoof of the Hard Rock Cafe.
  • There are at least 3 movies references to this episode: When Harry Meets Sally (1987); Pulp Fiction (1995); and Titanic (1997)


Grim in love
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