Guttless 21
Stomach sick.
Series Evil Con Carne
Season 1
Production code 07
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 1
Cartoon Network US Premiere July 11, 2003
Paired with "Day of the Dreadbots"
"League of Destruction"
Chronological information
"Day of the Dreadbots"
"Gutless" is the first episode of Evil Con Carne.

Episode Summary

Hector Con Carne's stomach is sick with a disease wich apparently came from the U.K. Hector then plans to go to the U.K and get pay back (due to the fact the disease came from there but it's uncommon in U.K as well). When Hector gets there he gose to destroy the queen's house, upon arriving to the queen's house General Skarr gets all the guns aimed at the house and Hector says "Fire the trusty dragon, on my mark 1, 2, 2 and a half, wait" then he claims he can't destroy the house because he does not have the "stomach for it" (becasue his stomach is at home sick). He then returns home and pats the stomach untill all the gases are out of the stomach making it feel better.


For a full transcript of Gutless, click here.


Gutless TC
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