Hector Con Carne
Hector Season 2
Classification Human brain
Gender Male
Residence Bunny Island
Relatives Unnamed mother
Major Dr. Ghastly (wife)
Destructicus Con Carne (son)
Affiliation Evil Con Carne
Real world information
Appears in Grim & Evil
Evil Con Carne

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

First appearance "Evil Con Carne"
Voice actor Phil LaMarr

Hector Con Carne was the principal character in Evil Con Carne and an eventual character in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


Role in Evil Con Carne

Hector Con Carne was a megalomaniacal millionaire with a handsome and muscular fabio-esque body who tried to take over the world, however when choosing the right mad scientist to build a doomsday machine for him he happened to pick his disguised arch enemy, Cod Commando, who then blew him up. The other mad scientist he interviewed, Major Dr. Ghastly, put his two remaining functioning organs, his brain and stomach, in containment capsules that were later installed on the body of a purple circus bear named Boskov.

While the brain of Hector is cruel and evil, the stomach is neutral and only cares about food, possessing a shrill voice. Both his brain and stomach is required to be in containers with water to prevent dehydration.

After having his "body" reconstructed, he set up a secret lair on Bunny's Island to dominate the world as well as find new body parts.

Hector Con Carne was a criminal wanted by the law because he has committed crimes of all sorts, from attempting world domination to merely breaking gumball machines. He has been in the news with the warrant for arrest and posters that offer a reward for him dead or alive.

Eventually, Hector was ruined and must sell his Bunny's Island and his army. The buyer of the island happened to have been Mandy while a television company bought the army.

Role in Billy & Mandy

In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, most of his appearances are cameos. However the episode "Company Halt" was a crossover between Evil Con Carne and Billy & Mandy, and technically, the last episode of Evil Con Carne.


Before the explosion

He was a man with big muscles, strong arms and a great chin. He had black hair with a ponytail. He wore a white shirt, dark blue pants with a belt bearing the logo of his army and in the neck had a large gold necklace.

After the explosion

His appearance now is a pink brain with black eyes, his brain stem serving as a hand. Their other side is his own stomach, with three small wrinkles, which, in two of them are hiding two brown eyes. The stomach is also part of what appears to be the esophagus and duodenum.

Both organs are installed in the body of Boskov.

Hector's face

The Hector's face remains a mystery. However, some believe that Hector's face may have resembled that of Destructicus Con Carne, his son from the future.

Episode Appearances

In the videogame

Hector makes a cameo along with Boskov and Stomach in the 2nd phase of The Afterlife as a carpet. One can distinguish the brain inside the capsule of the bear.


  • Hector's full name translates translates to Hector with meat.
  • During the time of Grim & Evil, Grim and Hector sometimes hosted the Big Pick Show. A running gag is that they would argue over who was the star of their show and who won Big Pick 2000, to which Grim would correct him by saying it was Billy & Mandy.


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