'Oh, wait! This is a game where we make stuff up, right? Okaaaay, Then I see a big, green eleflant...named Herbert McHoover. He plays the drums and listens to 'Freedom Rock!
Herbert McHoover


His spontaneous, yet abruptly brief life began during the first episode of the third season of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Grim had awoken from a "Good" dream which he had no intention of experiencing. Deranged and unspeakable evil had been dispersed from Grim's unwanted pleasant thoughts, and its up to Grim and an abnormally loud and moronic billy to find them. After a few minutes of searching no creature could be found. Then suddenly, a holographic duck appeared before Grim's hollow eyes. Grim turns to Billy for visual acknowledgment of the bird. Billy promptly replies with a stubborn statement of disbelief. They continue to argue until Billy interprets the disagreement as a game of sorts. He immediately perceives a crayon drawn, green hippie-elephant named Herbert Mchoover in which he describes quite thoroughly for an idea created rather instantaneously. After catching a glimpse of Hebert's masterful performance on the drums for a few seconds his image subsided into non-existence never to be seen again.


  • He may have been the inspiration for Fred Fredburger, as both are green elephants