Judge Roy Spleen
Judge Roy Spleen Thumbnail
Residence The Underworld
Occupation Judge, teacher and minister
Real world information

Judge Roy Spleen is an honorable judge of The Underworld, and is a reccuring minor supporting character in the series. Judge Roy Spleen was first seen in Keeper of the Reaper in season 6, along with, to the judge's displeasure, Fred Fredburger. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.


Roy Spleen is a very strict and short-tempered judge who makes hostile threats or decisions towards those who misbehave in court. Spleen probably isn't very smart, since he at first didn't know he was the judge for the case of the Keeper of the Reaper, and Fred Fredburger managed to steal his gavel easily.



As a judge, Roy Spleen wears the wig of a judge, along with the robes of his office.


  • Get over here!
  • I order you to shut up!


Phil LaMarr voices Judge Roy Spleen02:58

Phil LaMarr voices Judge Roy Spleen


  • In a flashback in Wrath of the Spider Queen, Roy Spleen was revealed to be one of Grim's high-school teachers.
  • Judge Roy Spleen's name is a play on Judge Roy Bean.

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