The Jurassic Creeps are a gang of mechanical evil dinosaurs and are the archenemies of the Dinobonoids.


  • Triceratron
    Triceratron - a mutant robot orange Triceratops and is the leader of the Jurassic Creeps and he is the enemy of Professor Gaylord. Voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Jurassic Creep #2 - a mutant robotic turquoise Parasaurolophus and he usually speaks a bit. Voiced by Quinton Flynn.
    Screenshot-78980-4130160-toys will be toys

    The turquoise Parasaurolophus and purple Albertosaurus

  • Jurassic Creep #3 - a mutant robotic purple Albertosaurus who is one of the shorter members, but still big and he just spoke a little bit. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Jurassic Creep #4 - a mutant mechanical red Dryosaurus who likes to destroy things like other villains and he just spoke a little to. Also voiced by Quinton Flynn.
  • The were other Jurassic Creeps that weren't seen as toys and they were seen in the begininng in Toys Will Be Toys. There was a yellow Megalosaurus (seen with Triceratron), a red Baryonyx (seen with Triceratron), a green Allosaurus (seen with Triceratron), a blue Corythosaurus (hit by Billy), a teal Deinosuchus (hit by Billy), a light yellow Pachycephalosaurus (hit by Billy), and a red violet Apatosaurus (hit by Billy).

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