Little Delicious only appearance was in "Mandy Bites Dog", who was a small, cute little lilic-furred Chihuahua dog that was owned by Mandy's nemesis and rival, Mindy. When Mandy was trying to make a 'demon dog' out of her own cowardly dog, Saliva, Mindy butted in to make fun out of Mandy and to show off her own dog, named "Little Delicious".

Deciding to one-up Mindy, Mandy decided to use Grim's own demon dog, Cerberus. While Mandy and Mindy were exchanging words, Cerberus, who was supposed to be making mincemeat out of Little Delicious, became smitten with her instead. Before Mindy even knew what was happening, Cerberus and Little Delicious were married and heading off to a life together, with Mindy calling Little Delicious "a little tramp".

Little Delicious and Cerberus had a three-headed demon dog Chihuahua puppy hybrid together, which was found by Billy, whome he named "Little Chiba".