Pie in the Sky is a song that plays in the Evil Con Carne episode The Pie Who Loved Me.


Hector: We all live in a beautiful world
The rocks, the trees, the tiniest squirrel
Billions of people with bright smiling faces
Boys with golf clubs, young girls with braces
Puppies, kittens, the mighty condor
These are a few of the things I adore
I love my island, I love my money
Stomach: I love ham, I love jam, I love biscuits with honey
Hector: Our world is filled with incredible beauty
And that is why I feel is my duty
To send forth the troops, to invade the coastline
To crush and destroy until it's all mine!

Ghastly: Boron is my favorite of the periodic elements
I built laser-guided robots programmed for self-defense
I forged a giant bucky ball that's not too soft and not too dense
But now I'm cooking pies for science, Einstein would beam with pride
If he could see my brilliance all baked up in a pie
The crust is made of micro tiny carbon ion fiber coils
The filling is composed of several fattening and tasty oil
Cooked in an oven till the surface froths and boils
And still I'm cooking pies for science, a bioxide ribonucleic stew
Too thick for an appliance, so I hop right in the brew
My boots are made for marching, and that's just what they'll do
If only they were proven for wading in this goo!

People: Pie, pie, pie in the sky!
Look, there's pie in the sky. And it makes me wonder why.
It's flying through the air, in a ship that's driven by a bear.
The crust looks flaky, the doughs not cakey
covered in a rich meringue

Fat man: I'll go fat and lazy, my brain all soft and hazy

People: The pie in the sky makes me want to love you

Skarr: There is pie in the sky

and that pie I'm going to fly

into your puny little faces

even you there, with the braces

Hector: This plan makes me sing

These pies will make me king

Boskov: Rawr rawr rawr rawr rawrrr

rawr rawr rawr rawr rawrrrrr

Fat woman: I fear that I am unable

to get up from the table

Fat couple: The pie in the sky, makes me want to love you

Abraham Lincoln: Look there's pie in the sky

And it makes me wonder why

You're letting Hector Con Carne win!

Wipe that pie goo off your chin!

Soldiers: We can't fight the bad guys

We'll devour more pies!

While we grow in girth

someone else can save the Earth.

Abraham Lincoln: It's making S.P.O.R.K. Useless and full

Their bodies are limp and their wits are dull

we fail at everything that we try

who will save us from this dastardly pie?

People: YES! MORE PIE!

I don't care why

the bad guys do what they do

'cause I'm gonna eat more pie

there's no reason why

we'll just chew and we'll chew

until we're through

Hector: I love this beautiful world we all live in

There's nothing for people to do but to give in

they are too full and too lazy to fight me

thanks to my tasty

and dangerous pastry

I have no body

I haven't got wrists

but I can still rule this world with iron fists


Cod Commando: (blahing to battle tune)

Soldiers and evil minions: Na, na, na, na, I'm so full I cannot move, wish I could get up and groove but I had too much pie, na na na na.
Soldier: I can't fight you any longer, I wish my will was stronger but I've had too much pie. People: Na na na na.
People: Why do I feel this way, what's inside that pie? (X2)
Skarr: Look at me, my stomach's aching from Dr. Ghastly's baking. Now I've had too much pie, na na na na.
Cod Commando: Blah (X8)
Boskov: Roar (X6)
Soldier: But we've had too much pie, na na na na.
Stomach: What's inside that pie?
People: Na na na na.
Hector: Yeah Major Doctor, what's inside that pie?
Ghastly: The secret ingredient is Love!
People: Na na na na.
Hector: This stinks! I'm going home!


Pie in the Sky06:48

Pie in the Sky


  • The name is a reference to an old movie of the same name.
  • "These boots are made for marching, and that's just what they'll do" is a reference to "These boots were made for walking".

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