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Classification Canis lupus familiaris
Gender Male
Residence Endsville
Affiliation Mandy (owner)
Occupation Mandy's dog
Real world information
First appearance Opposite Day
Voice actor Jess Harnell

Saliva is Mandy's dog. He drools a lot and likes Mandy a lot, even if she doesn't feel the same way. Saliva is a very emotional dog (he became very sad when Mandy got a new dog, Cerberus). He has shown that he was more loyal to his owner than both Cerberus and Mindy's pet poodle. Saliva has scared Mindy before by giving her a horrible, disgusting look that made her flee and Mandy admits she likes his loyalty to her. Saliva is only person Mandy shows any form of love or affection to. As well as drooling he has a snotty, runny nose. Saliva is voiced by Frank Welker earlier in the show and Richard Steven Horvitz except in one episode; in which Saliva is voiced by Jess Harnell.

Gallery Edit

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The image gallery for Saliva may be viewed here.

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