Something Stupid This Way Comes
Something Stupid This Way Comes
Series Grim & Evil
Season 1
Production code 108
Writer Craig Lewis
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 8C
Cartoon Network US Premiere July 26, 2002
Paired with Grim or Gregory? and Search and Estroy
Chronological information
Search and Estroy
A Grim Surprise

Something Stupid This Way Comes is the third segment of the eighth episode of Grim and Evil.


Billy and Mandy are playing idly in the yard as a mysterious carnival shoots right up from the ground. The manager is the lonely Nergal, who founded this carnival in hope of finding friends. Unfortunately, as Mandy and Grim are not able to forgive him for his past indiscretions, he is as lonely as ever. Billy, however, feels sorry for him, and tries to help him find friends without Nergal having to resolve to violence. To do this, Billy teaches Nergal the "The 5 'C's of Friendship; Cleanliness, Consideration, Compliments, Conversation, and, uh, Sharing.


Nergal following the 1st "C": Cleanliness. Note the mushroom.

Nergal does well in Cleanliness by scraping all the mushroom out of his armpits. But he is incapable of making any of the other goals. He insults a little girl by complimenting how awful she looks in a fun-house mirror, when in fact the mirror is out of order and the girl is awful in reality. His idea of conversation makes Pud'n vomit as Nergal only knows of anecdotes depicting whose plots revolve around diseases, and bad smells. In the end, while trying out "sharing", he wins a stuffed animal and offers half of it to a girl, scaring her away. Nergal, all out of ideas, asks Grim how he made friends with Billy and Mandy. Grim answers that he was forced, and this gives the demon an idea. Nergal uses his tentacles to zap people into "nergalings", similar to him in appearance, and the last one he only zaps, as they enter the Earth's core, is the viewer. 


  • Story by: Craig Lewis
  • Storyboard by: Maxwell Atoms
  • Directed by: John McIntyre, Robert Alvarez


  1. The Five C's Of Freindship actually has four Cs since C #5 is a S instead of a C.


  • This is the last episode where Nergal is voiced by David Warner.
  • The title of this episode is spoofed from the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes based on the novel by Ray Bradbury.


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Billy and Mandy S1E08 Grim or Gregory Something Stupid This Way Comes14:58

Billy and Mandy S1E08 Grim or Gregory Something Stupid This Way Comes

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