Spider-Clown Mailman

The Spider-Clown Mailman was first seen in Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure.


Billy was going to grab The Left Hand of Horror and said he wasn't afraid of nothing. Grim, Mandy, and Irwin asked about his fears such as spiders, clowns and the mailman.

The Hand created Billy's fear and a truck comes and out comes a person with six black spider arms (two spider arms had fingers) with spider jaws and purple body and eyes, orange clown nose, green hair, red lips with sharp teeth, and yellow and white pants and shoes, and with a blue mailman hat with package. He grabs Billy and blows his nose and makes a pony and laughs. Mandy shoots the Spider-Clown Mailman, but it shows that Billy has to fight his own fear.


  • It is combined of Billy's true fears, a spider, a clown and a mailman.

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