The Delightfulization Chamber was the machine made by the The Delightful Children From Down The Lane

in The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door.


When the Sector V arrives at the mansion, seen as the DCFDTL intend to use The Delightfulization Chamber improved by Father to convert all children in lovely obedient kids like them and thus achieve the purpose KND.While the five laughed at his confident victory, Billy interrupts them asking if they could go to the bathroom, referring misled the House of The Delightfulization Chamber. The DCFDTL respond that could get accidentally playing along, but soon realize the intruder, and the five entering the House of the Delightfulization Chamber to bring Billy warning that there is not a bathroom. However, Billy activates the camera and is fused with the DCFDTL because of the Scythe embedded Billy's pants from his father,Harold.

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