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The Pie Who Loved Me
The Pie Who Loved Me Titlecard
Series 7b (Grim & Evil)

4b (Evil Con Carne)

Season 2 (Grim & Evil)

1 (Evil Con Carne)

Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere October 18, 2002 (Grim & Evil)

August 15, 2003 (Evil Con Carne)

Chronological information
Dream A Little Dream (Grim & Evil)

Evil On Trial (Evil Con Carne)

The Pie Who Loved Me is an episode of Grim & Evil and Evil Con Carne.

Episode SummaryEdit

This episode is a musical episode mainly about how Hector wants to rule the world using a giant flying pie which shoots pies.


The Pie Who Loved Me/Transcript


Little Rock of Horrors
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