The Problem with Billy
The Problem with Billy
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Season 4
Production code 424
Writer Brett Varon
Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere June 3, 2005
Paired with Wild Parts
Chronological information
Wild Parts
The Problem with Billy is the 24th episode from season 4 of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Grim has had it with Billy's stupidity. He wants to know "what's his problem". Harold takes everybody about the past of Billy's life. Supposedly claiming Billy to be a genius!


When Billy goes into the mud for the fifth time in the day while wearing his white tuxedo before a wedding, Grim tries to figure out why Billy is so stupid. Billy's dad, Harold recounts Billy's life from his birth until he met Mandy and explains that Billy is not dumb, but actually a genius with a certified "Honorary Genius Degree". It is quite evident to Grim that Billy's problem is his equally dumb father, as he inherited Harold's stupidity. Billy is so irritated of waiting for Grim to clean him up that he gives up on Grim's scythe cleaning him up.


  • Story by: Brett Varon
  • Storyboard by: Brett Varon
  • Art direction: Rae McCarson
  • Directed by: Juli Hashiguchi


  • Harold: And that's when Billy met Mandy..

(Baby Billy rings Mandy's doorbell and Baby Mandy anwsers, bottle in hand)

  • Harold: Now Mandy knew a genius when she saw one...
  • Mandy: Are you some kind of idiot?

(Billy takes the bottle, puts it in his mouth, then flushes it down by tugging on his nose like a toilet)

  • Mandy: I'll take that as a yes.
  • Harold: His powers of observation astounded her from the start...

(Billy puts his hand on her face and feels around, where her nose should be, and Mandy growls angrily)

  • Billy: Hey, you ain't got no nose-y!

(Mandy crosses her arms)

  • Mandy: So?
  • Harold: I sure hope our little talk has helped you understand Billy better.
  • Grim: Yes. And I think I know what the problem is with Billy.
  • Harold: Yeah?
  • Grim: Yeah! You! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH BILLY! You're where he gets it! It's a wonder the boy can even tie his shoes!
  • Harold: He can't. But look at the bright side.
  • Grim: What bright side?
  • Mandy: Yeah, what could possibly be bright about this?
  • Harold: I have no idea. Let's ask Billy. He's the genius.
  • Billy: That's it! I don't need your stupid scythe! Mom will clean me up! (He walks back into the house with a huff.)
  • Harold: Yeesh. What's his problem?

(Grim growls with frustration.)


Baby Billy in Harold's Hands
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  • This episode reveals that Billy and Mandy have known each other since they were toddlers.
    • Mandy's hairstyle as a toddler looks like Judy Jetson's from The Jetsons.
  • When Billy's Dad shows Billy's diploma before he told the story, it looked different than the second time he showed the diploma.


Billy and Mandy - S4E10 - Wild Parts ~ The Problem With Billy

Billy and Mandy - S4E10 - Wild Parts ~ The Problem With Billy