The Schlubs
The Schlubs Title Card
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Season 5
Production code 523
Writer Maxwell Atoms
Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere October 14, 2005
Paired with Ecto Cooler
Chronological information
Ecto Cooler
Prank Call of Cthulu
The Schlubs is the 23rd episode from season 5 of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


Grim becomes hooked on a show called "My Troubled Pony" and is curious about how the show ends. Mandy informs him that the show was cancelled after only one season, so they never made a true series finale for it. Grim's devastated to hear this, and as he and Mandy go outside to see what Billy's doing, Grim says that if he had the money (he's only got two pennies on him at the moment) he'd personally pay to have a true series finale for "My Troubled Pony" made.

While Billy's playing in a patch of mushrooms, it turns out that there's a race of creatures called "Schlubs" living in it. When Grim explains that schlubs can be melted down and turned into gold bars, he realizes that he can use that as a way to pay for the "My Troubled Pony" series finale to be made. Billy doesn't want Grim to melt down the schlubs for gold, but Grim doesn't listen to him.

Grim's first attempt at capturing the schlubs is simply gathering them up in a butterfly net, but they end up attacking Grim after Billy's attempt to get the schlubs to simply play dead doesn't work. His next attempt at capturing the schlubs is having Billy's pet cat, Milkshakes, chase the schlubs into a sack that Grim has, but he mistakenly captures Billy, who ends up using a mini-guillotine (that Grim was going to use on the Schlubs) to trim his extremely long and gross toenails. Grim's third attempt is painting his pointer finger to look like a female schlub to distract all the male schlubs—however, as Billy and Mandy see this happening, Billy explains to Mandy that there can only be one female schlub and that she gets very jealous if she detects any competition from other female schlubs, and then they "must battle to the death." Just then, the village's sole female schlub (who's the size of a regular human) comes out and attacks and eats Grim's finger.

After this, Grim decides to just get the schlubs "the old-fashioned way" by simply reaping them with his scythe, but just after he finishes doing this, he can't find any of the schlubs, and it later turns out that Mandy had actually melted down 99 of the 100 schlubs in the mushroom patch village, and also now owns the company that made "My Troubled Pony." When Grim realizes that there's still one schlub left, it turns out that the one schlub left is actually the female schlub who attacked him earlier.


  • Story by: Maxwell Atoms
  • Storyboard by: John Holmquist
  • Art direction: Rae McCarson
  • Directed by: Eddy Houchins


  • The Schlubs are a reference to The Smurfs.
  • My Troubled Pony is a reference to My Little Pony.


Billy and Mandy - S5E12 - Ecto Cooler ~ The Schlubs

Billy and Mandy - S5E12 - Ecto Cooler ~ The Schlubs