225px-BMG Snake Nerds

The Snake Nerds from left to right: Viper, Wiggly, and King Cobra

The Secret Snake Club is a Role Playing Group at Endsville Elementary. There are three members, all who are nerdy boys. The members codenames are "Wiggly", "Viper", and "King Cobra". They meet in Viper's basement, which is also his grandmother's bedroom. They wear long red robes. It also seems that they have poor personal hygiene.

Each member of the Secret Snake Club has a "level", as they are RPG fans, with Wiggly claiming their highest level in their club on account of the fact that he alone owns a pet snake. Because they like RPGs so much, they have been shown to throw crayons and crumpled-up balls of paper at each other during arguments, shouting "Fireball" and "Lightning bolt". Their main goal is to summon snakes to eat all the cool kids in the world, so nerds could rule.

'Wiggly' is voiced by Tom Kenny while both 'Viper' and 'King Cobra' were voiced by Billy West.

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