Tickle Me Mandy
Series Grim & Evil
Season 1
Production code 121
Writer Gord Zajac
Broadcast information
Broadcast number 12C
Cartoon Network US Premiere October 11, 2002
Paired with Big Trouble in Billy's Basement and Christmas Con Carne
Chronological information
Christmas Con Carne
Little Rock of Horrors
Tickle Me Mandy is the third segment of the twelfth episode of Grim & Evil


Mandy is going away for the day and Billy is lonely. So Grim makes a fake Mandy for him to play with, but Billy gets annoyed by the fake Mandy and the fake Mandy tries to keep Billy all to herself.


  • Story by: Gord Zajac
  • Storyboard by: Mucci Fasset
  • Directed by: Brian Hogan 


  • The name of this episode is a reference to the popular children's plush toy Tickle Me Elmo.
  • In the title card,there is a doll that resembles Mandy, but New Mandy who does appear in the episode only slightly resembles Mandy.

Christmas Con Carne
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