Tooth Fairy
Tooth fairy profile
Classification Fairy
Gender Male
Occupation Dealer in Teeth
Real world information

In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The Tooth Fairy is a cowboy in search of the perfect tooth to complete his smile, which is missing a tooth.


The Tooth Fairy is a brown-haired male with a long pointed nose. He wears a white cowboy hat and gloves, an orange shirt with a sheriff badge, brown pants, and cowboy boots. He has small wings protruding from his back.


He is agocentric, and craves fame, but has the mannerisms of an archetypical cowboy.



In The Good, the Bad, & the Toothless , he buys Billy's tooth from Sperg in order to make his own smile perfect, and try to become a star. However, since the tooth was stolen, Billy, Mandy, and Grim go to get it back from him in a showdown. He is later revealed to be the elderly man Billy was talking to at the beginning of the episode.

Continuity Error

Tooth fairy
In The Good, the Bad, & the Toothless ,he is revealed to have aged into an old man, but in King Tooten Pooten, he is shown to still be young when trying to obtain Irwin's tooth in a flashback.