Trykie was Billy's tricycle that's haunted and attacks many people. It was acquired from a portapotty from a mysterious kid who offered it to Billy with the promised that he should love it forever passing the curse. Later it was destroyed by Mandy by repeatedly slamming the garage door on it's body until it is in bits and pieces being unable to regenerate.

It possesses a grudge to whomever disrespects it and even has the ability to write words to give grudge notes to victims. It was unfortunate that it is a tricycle and is bound to be teased by the older kids of endsville.

It was seen in "Tricycle of Terror", but did make camoes in several later episodes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Mega Wedgie: Able to administer a wedgie more devastating than Sperg's as it can only be done by a pair of handlebars.
  • Limited Regeneration: It can regenerate itself when its parts have been separated or bent but only to a degree as it goes to a point where when it is almost ashes or in bits and pieces it cannot anymore.
  • Supernatural Possession: It is possessed by a mysterious kid from the portapotty.


  • It may be a reference to Christine a novel by Stephen King about a sentient car that hunted down those that abused it.
  • A similar tricycle appeared in Codename: Kids Next Door.
  • It's name is technically pronounce Try-kai but apparently it is pronounced like the beginning of "trycicle" with a y at the end.

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