I have a question for any active editors of this wiki.

On pages that have galleries, should pages use "PAGENAME/Gallery" urls (e.g. Mandy/Gallery) or "Gallery:PAGENAME" urls (e.g. Gallery:Jeff the Spider). I ask because this wiki is inconsistent with gallery pages. There's both types of pages, when I believe there should only be one type.

I am more in favor of "Gallery:" pages because it creates less pages on the wiki. I don't think they count as real pages. I believe this to be true because whenever I have redirected a "/Gallery" page to a "Gallery:" page, the counter of pages at the top is reduced by one. Also whenever I click on the 'random page' link I never run into "Gallery:" pages.

I also would like for every page on this wiki that has a gallery to use the gallery template, which do link to "Gallery:" pages. I think they look a lot better than plain links to "/Gallery" pages (e.g. Harold#Gallery). The only downside is that there isn't a link back to the original page at the top of "Gallery:" pages (e.g.

I am going to wait a week for any replies before I start making any more changes to gallery pages. If I don't get any at all, I am going to use the gallery template on pages that have galleries and redirect all "/Gallery" pages to "Gallery:" pages. I'll do the same if more people agree with me than disagree (obviously).

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