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Who Killed Who
Billy and Mandy 204 Who Killed Who Tween Wolf 002 0001
Series 17
Season 2
Production code 012
Broadcast information
Cartoon Network US Premiere July 4, 2003
Chronological information
The Really Odd Couple
Tween Wolf

Who Killed Who is an episode from the second season of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


After excluding Mandy from their board game Who Killed Who? (a Clue type of game) for being a girl, Billy and Irwin mistakenly throw their dice into the backyard of a haunted house. Grim warns them about the ghost of Mrs. Doolin, a lady that lived there.

Mandy dares to go inside to retrieve the dice, and she befriends Mrs. Doolin, who is alive and well, and who says that all the stories told about her (that anything that went beyond her fence into her garden never came back) are just made-up by Grim, who she beat long time ago in a staring contest.

Deciding to get the dice back himself, Billy also ventures into the house, but Mrs. Doolin and Mandy scare him away by posing as ghosts. However, it appears that Mrs. Doolin is in fact a ghost, and when she said she "beat Grim", it meant that she had "beat death".


  • In the episode 'Who Killed Who?' the voice of the spider-loving Mrs. Doolin is played by Betty White, star of the series the Golden Girls as Rose Nalon.
  • In Meet the Reaper, Grim said that he loved playing games and that he never loses. But in "Who Killed Who?", we learn that Mrs. Doolin had beaten Grim in just about everything.


Billy: (reading a pair of dice) Behind you. Behind me? (Reading writing on the wall) Billy in the h-h-hallway with the d-d-dice
Mandy: By...
Mrs. Doolin: MEEEEE!!!!!!
Billy: (screams in terror and runs out the door) I'm sorry, Mandy! You can play! You can play! Girls are allowed!
Mandy: Well, we better chalk up another win for the girls, Mrs. Doolin. Right? (Mrs. Doolin doesn't answer) Mrs. Doolin? (pan across the house's interior to find that the interior is a mess and that Mrs. Doolin has disappeared)

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