Wiggly Junior is a small garter snake named by Wiggly. Mandy wasn't surprised that a little garter snake wouldn't hurt a person. Wiggly Junior got angry at he was forced to wrap Mandy by his owner. When Grim was ready to unleash Shnissugah, Mandy becomes surprised and Wiggly Junior also got surprised. When Shnissugah arrived as an 8 centimeters long snake, he saw Wiggly Junior who has tied up Mandy. Shnissugah got angry and he forced Wiggly Junior to untie Mandy. Wiggly Junior unties Mandy. Shnissugah got angry at the Secret Snake Club for harassing Mandy and Grim also got angry at the Secret Snake Club. After Shnissugah left to go to a doctor's appointment, The Secret Snake Club got sad and awful what they did. Grim left them as Mandy told Wiggly Junior to cover his eyes. Wiggly Junior then became Mandy's pet as he covers his eyes and Mandy beats up Wiggly, Viper, and King Cobra off-screen.

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